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November LondonEach month, I scour the web to find the best and most unique things to spend your free weekends doing in the big smoke! This month – bonfire night is the highlight along with some foodie related places as always.

1. Bonfire Night: I love the 5th November, the idea of getting dressed up warm in the crisp Autumn air! Think hats, scarves, gloves, holding the biggest cup of hot chocolate in one hand and a sparkler in another! I always have fond memories of bonfire night, it always seems to be a good night with friends. To find a fireworks display near you, visit here.

2. Seas of Red: If you haven’t seen this already then it’s a must. The major art installation ‘Seas of Red‘ is showing at the Tower of London to mark one hundred years since the first full day of Britain’s involvement in the First World War. It is so stunning that I plan on visiting it for a second time round. But hurry – it ends on the 11th November. For more information, click here.

3.  BBC Good Food Show: I don’t think a month will ever go by without some sort of food related thing to do in London. The BBC Good Food Show is being held at Olympia London (High Street Kensington is the closest tube) from the 14th to 16th November. Expect ‘eyes bigger than your stomach’ amounts of food and drink, demonstrations from Mary Berry and Paul Hollywood as well as a ‘Bakes and Cakes Village’. What isn’t to love! To buy tickets, click here.

4. The Crown Tavern in Clerkenwell, London: I visited this pub restaurant last week with work and I was wowed by the decor and the interior features. It was just such a cool place to sit and have a drink and gave such a relaxed atmosphere. I didn’t even get a chance to try the food but I would definitely go there again! Find out more here.

5. Vauxhall Christmas Tree Maze: I really wanted to leave anything Christmas related until December but when I found this, I could not wait. Imagine a gigantic maze made out of Christmas trees crammed with fairy lights on an autumn evening! There’s even an outdoor ice rink, food stalls and a craft market! Who knows how many hours of entertainment this could provide, for me and my maze cracking skills, probably all weekend! For more information, click here.


Starting a grad scheme – My tips

Like other fortunate recent graduates, I was lucky enough to be offered a place on graduate scheme. I was over the moon when I had found out that I had managed to find a job, I celebrated in my usual way of consuming way too much food and I spent most of the day telling everyone the good news despite me having a big piece of coursework to hand in the next week!

However, over the summer, I began to become anxious about whether I would be ‘good enough’ for the graduate scheme. I think everyone has a stereotypical idea of what a typical graduate is like: high achieving, confident and most definitely an expert networker. But, I didn’t think of myself having any of these qualities. Whilst I confess at the assessment centre, I was a more confident and bolder version of myself, I was worried that I would have to be this version of myself everyday of my graduate scheme. That would take way too much focus and energy – its most definitely not something that comes naturally to me.

I am now about a month into my graduate scheme and I can happily say that I am not the person I was at my assessment centre all the time. I may have to bring that side of me to work at times but for the rest, I can feel like myself. And I really wanted to share a few tips and experiences I have had for any of you that may have recently or about to begin a graduate scheme.

1. Talk to EVERYONE: At my company, there were four different streams that a graduate could be working in, I found that most graduates tended to keep to their stream and not speak to others. You will never know when it will come in handy to know someone in a different department – so make the most of it and start to build those relationships up now!

2. Say YES to everything: Starting a new graduate scheme is very much like freshers week at University. Saying yes to everything is probably the best advice that I was told in my first year at University. Who knows what opportunities will appear if you agree to go for a drink after work … or if you agree to help out on a side project.

3. Ask lots of QUESTIONS: The fortunate thing about graduates is that you’re expected to know very little. So take this and use it to your advantage, ask those stupid questions that you’re going to be embarrassed to ask! Ask questions even if you’re not that interested or it doesn’t really relate to you. Chances are, it probably will help you understand the wider business issues and this will only help you throughout your graduate career.

4. Many companies offering graduate schemes will provide you with a mentor or a buddy. And in many cases, you will be given more than one. This can seem overwhelming as you might be unsure of what to use them all for! But be selfish and have an idea in your head of what you would like to use each mentor for. Whether this may be career advice, asking more of those stupid questions, someone to bounce ideas off or just someone to let your steam off to. But be proactive about it!

5. Set OBJECTIVES: Have an idea of what you want to get out of your graduate scheme and what you want to get out of each placement/team that you may be working in. This could be understanding the role your team plays within the whole business, being given the opportunity to work on your weaknesses or having the opportunity to shadow a completely different department to yours!

I hope these tips help you if you’re worried about starting a graduate scheme!

Version 2.0


I’ve been reading blogs and watching Youtube videos for the past few years whilst at University. It’s always been something that I’ve wanted to have a go at! But I never felt that I had anything to blog about… I love baking but I am yet to master how to bake cupcakes without them overflowing their cases. I really like skincare but don’t have the budget to always try lots of new products. And I absolutely lurrrve making my room all pretty and cute. Not that, that means I have any clue about interior design…

Recently, I graduated from University, I’ve found a job in the City of London and thus I’ve had to change my country bumpkin ways and move to London becoming a more akin to riding the tube to work and doing ‘London things’  – whatever that might be!

It’s a generic journey that many people make but I thought it would be an interesting thing to document; to see how I deal with the next few months and years – version 2.0 of myself!

With the challenges of a new job, living in London with new people and finding my feet in the big City – I have no doubt that its going to be exciting! Come join me!