Version 2.0


I’ve been reading blogs and watching Youtube videos for the past few years whilst at University. It’s always been something that I’ve wanted to have a go at! But I never felt that I had anything to blog about… I love baking but I am yet to master how to bake cupcakes without them overflowing their cases. I really like skincare but don’t have the budget to always try lots of new products. And I absolutely lurrrve making my room all pretty and cute. Not that, that means I have any clue about interior design…

Recently, I graduated from University, I’ve found a job in the City of London and thus I’ve had to change my country bumpkin ways and move to London becoming a more akin to riding the tube to work and doing ‘London things’  – whatever that might be!

It’s a generic journey that many people make but I thought it would be an interesting thing to document; to see how I deal with the next few months and years – version 2.0 of myself!

With the challenges of a new job, living in London with new people and finding my feet in the big City – I have no doubt that its going to be exciting! Come join me!


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