A Weekend with the Girls

Last weekend, my best friends from University came to visit me and check out my new London home. Here’s a little run through of what we got up to!


Obviously, I must begin with breakfast! I put on a full on spread of bagels, yoghurt, fresh fruit, granola cereals, toast, smoothie, juices, coffee – as much stuff that three people could eat!




We’ve done Oxford Street shopping enough to get it out of our systems! So instead, we headed for Westfield Shopping Centre in Stratford for a calmer experience! We also took advantage of being so close to the Olympic Park and took a short walk around the park. It was a bit of a grey day and there appears to be a lot of construction work going on – but it brought back all the memories from when I was there during the Olympics of 2012!

After stripping Primark of its cutest dresses and warmest jumpers, we were starving! For lunch, we headed to the ‘Real Greek‘ which was so good that I completely forgot to take any photos! All three of us shared 8 meze dishes which was super good! My favourite dish was definitely the Hummus, something so simple but it was so much better than any of the kinds that you can buy in your local supermarket!

I shall skip straight to dinner because that’s the most interesting! We hadn’t booked anywhere for dinner so didn’t have much choice. Eventually, we headed to Byron Burger near Covent Garden. There is also one near where I work, every time I walk past it, I ponder over everyones food and it just looks so inviting so I couldn’t resist it! The burgers were so good and it kept us satisfied whilst we wandered around Covent Garden late into the evening.



Burger at Byron Burger



Covent Garden


After wandering around Hyde Park for a few hours, we headed to Portobello Road in Notting Hill. It has always been one of the places I’ve wanted to visit since moving to London, mostly because of the film! I can hand on heart say, it’s been one of the most interesting places I’ve been so far in London. It’s so different to the rest of London – I had to remind myself where I was! I loved all the small boutique style shops, the people, and all of the crazy little things for sale!



Hyde ParkIMG_0188


Notting Hill IMG_0189







We also headed to Portobello food market where we tried Venezuelan food. Instead of bread, they use a mix made up of cornflower and water and fry it. Once its cooked through, they it in half and fill it to the brim with chicken, cheese, beans, fried banana and avocado sauce. (I may have missed a few ingredients!) It was delicious and well worth a try!


Venezuelan food

Overall – it was a great weekend! As always, mainly revolving around good food and good chatter! Again soon?!





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