Christmas Shopping in London

Firstly, apologies for this late post. I have been battling a cold and sore throat this week so haven’t got round to writing this post. Since its now less than 5 weeks till Christmas *gulps I thought it would be nice to find out where the best places are to shop around London apart from the obvious Oxford Street which I imagine can get quite hectic around Christmas time! So I hope you like my recommendations!

The one for when it’s raining outside – More often than not, in England its raining especially in these Winter months. As nice as it is perusing all the boutique shops, having to constantly put up and take your umbrella down gets a bit tiring. So sometimes you just want to hide away in a large shopping centre, forget about the weather outside and stay warm. And I think the Westfield shopping centre in Stratford is perfect for this! It has pretty much every shop you could want plus lots of nice restaurants so you can spend the whole day there and get the majority of your Christmas shopping done!

The one for market stalls – If you want lots of market stall types then my best choice is Spitalfields market. In my honest opinion, sometimes I do find some market stalls to be a bit boring because sometimes they can all be a bit same-y. Whereas, I’ve found that Spitalfields just has so many stalls that there really will be something that you’ve not seen before! Plus there are still some boutique shops nearby if there isn’t everything that you want in the market.

The one where you want boutique and high street – I headed down to Russel Square where I was pleasantly surprised. I think its a bit of a hideaway in London because when you’re there, you don’t feel as if your in the middle of the City. It has a small range of high street shops as well as some food stalls. But if you wander a bit further out, there are some really cool little shops – they are amazing to look at but probably somewhere where I would never actually buy anything! Maybe in the future!

The one to get in the Christmas mood – I think Covent Garden truly offers the best of both worlds plus you will never forget that its nearly Christmas with all the large beautiful decorations! There were even some reindeer there the weekend I was there! I think its the perfect place if you’re with your family because there really is something for everyone there. I love all the little shops but don’t confine yourself to the square around Covent Garden. Venture out to the streets off Covent Garden like Long acre road and you’ll find some bigger stores that suit everyone! IMG_0220

IMG_0217IMG_0213The one to visit after work – The Southbank Christmas market near Waterloo station has lots of stalls but isn’t very big so it’s the perfect size to stroll around after work – plus there are some amazing food stalls that you must take advantage of! The views are amazing along the river and walking through all the Christmas trees makes it really festive. There are some interesting stalls but mostly its made up of jewellery and candle stalls but I recommend trying out the Thunder Toffee Vodka stall!

One of my favourites part of Christmas is being able to buy everyone special gifts, I have to be careful and not start too early otherwise all I want my family to do is to open their presents way before Christmas! If you ever get too tired trawling the shops then there’s always online shopping from the comfort of your own sofa in front of the TV!


4 thoughts on “Christmas Shopping in London

  1. Randy Lahey (@RandyLahey17)

    Thank you for the detailed reviews. My family and I will be coming to London for the Christmas markets in December. I dont believe the official market itinerary has been revealed yet so my question is, do the markets tend to stay in the same places year over year?



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