Trying out Winterville!

Winterville at Victoria Park was one of the things I really wanted to investigate during the month of December to start feeling truly festive. I visited the Park yesterday after work and have to say it’s a bit of a mixed bag.


On first inspection, it seems to be a lot smaller than what I was expecting, considering the promises of all the events on the website (live music, pantomime, ice skating, arts and crafts. For anyone that loves the funfair, then you would really enjoy Winterville, it is mostly made up of rides. For those, like me that prefer to steer clear of the somewhat dubious rides, there are several bars to choose from, an ice skating rink, a roller disco and a Karaoke bar and of course, lots of food stalls!

The only disappointing thing is that it was very quiet when we went last night but considering it’s only been open for a few days and it not being the weekend, I suppose it will get a lot busier. But it only took us about half an hour to walk around all the stalls, I have a feeling that not all the stalls are open yet as there weren’t really any stalls selling crafts/gifts which was the primary reason why I was going! Plus there was a tent called the House of Fairy Tales which seemed very intriguing but wasn’t open yet! But reckon I shall be revisiting one weekend when it will be more atmospheric and a lot more people volunteering for the Karaoke! Which most definitely won’t be me!

IMG_3571 IMG_3569

So in conclusion – Winterville is worth going to with friends and family but perhaps wait a week or two before going, and a weekend might be best!




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