Christmas Leftovers – Easy Vietnamese Salad


For the past couple of years, I’ve made these Vietnamese salad which I learnt from a friend from university. It’s really easy and quick to make and tastes just so good – what’s even better is that it uses some of those leftovers in the fridge and doesn’t require too many hard to find ingredients!

What at you’ll need for 4 people: (feel free to adjust to how much you like!)

4 suitable portion sizes of any leftover meat. (We used leftover goose from Christmas Day, turkey or chicken works well too)

3 carrots grated (We never use all the carrots for our Christmas lunch)

1/4 red cabbage chopped

1/4 white cabbage chopped

4 tbsp sweet chilli sauce

2tbsp fish sauce

1 lime (left over from all the gin and tonics 1tsp ginger (optional) 2 handfuls f peanuts and cashews Instructions:

1. Toast the nuts on a medium heat in a drying pan. Whilst these are toasting, grate the carrot and chop the cabbage.

2. Once the nuts are toasted, leave to the side, add the meat and ginger into the same pan and cook until hot through. Meanwhile, mix together the fish sauce, sweet chilli sauce and lime.

3. Add the sauce into the pan and once mixed through, add into a bowl with the salad ingredients. Give a final toss and you’re ready to eat!

This recipe can altered according to your tastes, here are some rough guidelines:

If you like a more tangy fresher salad then add more lime juice.

If you like it sweeter then add more carrot

if you don’t like white cabbage, then just use red cabbage or vica versa


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