Happy New Year


2014 has definitely had its highlights. I’ve graduated, got a good degree, had an amazing summer in Vietnam and landed my first job in London. And I have enjoyed every minute. 2015 will be my first ‘proper’ year as a ‘young professional’ and I’ve been thinking how I can make the most of it especially considering I move between teams every 3 months. Which makes it sometimes difficult to learn everything there is to know about the team I’m working in. So on one of my working from home days during Christmas (I wrote a blog on how to get the most out of working between Christmas and New year), I found out some interesting facts about our business. This made me realise that to push myself to become an expert in my field by the end of my graduate scheme that I should make a rule that for everyday that I’m at work, I should learn something new about our business.

I realise that ‘to learn something new everyday’ as a New Years resolution is hardly anything groundbreaking or new but I’m hoping that it will be quite effective as long as I keep it up. It will encourage me to always talk to new people within the business hopefully spreading my network and start having people within the business to know me. What’s better is that one of my areas for development is to be more challenging to what people say, so this will also help me achieve this personal target.

What is your New Years resolution? Is yours going to be related to work? Whatever your year entails, I hope you enjoy 2015!


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