How to Switch Off after Work


Since Christmas, my work load seems to have quadrupled meaning I’m getting in earlier and coming home later. And because it feels that I can’t leave work with a smaller to do list than when I arrived, it means when I get home all I can think about is work. Especially when my head hits my pillow and I try to empty my mind – all those things to do rushes to the forefront of my mind.

I’ve felt like this before in a previous summer internship, and I never really found a solution. However, I seem to have found a way for me to switch off a lot easier! So here are my tips:

1. Before you can relax, you need to make sure that you are comfortable with the amount of work that you have achieved that day otherwise it would stay on anyone’s mind. I have a rule that I won’t stay past around 6:30pm. If I’ve worked until 6:30pm, I can justify that I tried my best and unless that task was critical for 9am the next day, it can wait till tomorrow. It’s all about being realistic about the expectations you set at work. I know for me, that this keeps me sane.

2. This may be obvious… but once you’ve left work. You’ve left work. That means no turning your laptop on, or even checking your emails. Make this easy for you, leave your laptop at work; locked up!

3. Now do whatever makes you feel relaxed, for a lot of people, this might be slothing out in front of the TV, but personally, I think weekday evening TV is not that entertaining. So, instead, I’ve found that I like to take a lot of time over getting ready for bed. On a normally day, I get ready for bed in around 10 minutes. But when I do it properly, I’ll take about half an hour over it. So here’s my step by step guide:

Step 1: Put on some relaxing music. I found this on youtube and I find it really relaxing and forces me not to rush getting ready for bed. I’ve tried listening to others but this one is still the best despite its on the top of the list when searching ‘calming music for stress’ and is probably the most listened to out of the list. I’ve used this enough times so that now when it’s played, my subconscious almost knows what I’m trying to do and I’ve found that it’s really effective.

Step 2: Get into your most cosiest pyjamas ever. I’ve got the softest pair from Primark, they have elastic bottoms so they hug my ankles and even have pockets to keep my hands warm in.

Step 3: Remove my makeup. I use the ‘Ultimate Facial Cleansing Oil‘ from Sanctuary Spa. What I like best is that it has lavender in, which I find really relaxing and calming and makes me feel really sleepy. You massage this into dry skin and then add water to remove all your makeup.

Step 4: Brush my teeth!

Step 5: (Optional) I use the ‘Clear Start Overnight treatment’ from Dermaloglica.

Step 6: I then use the Lush lip scrub which I have found to be so useful this winter. My lips have got so dry and chapping really badly. But I have got into the routine of using this lip scrub and it has helped so much. It’s basically sugar but tastes of chocolate so it’s all good!

Step 7: Then I use the ‘You won’t believe your eyes’ by Soap and Glory. I always get told by people that I look tired when I don’t actually feel it. So I’ve been testing this out to see if it’s getting rid of my massive bags under my eyes. So far, no more comments so it’s looking hopeful.

Step 8: Finally, I moisturise using the ‘Wish Upon a Jar’ night moisturiser by Soap & Glory. I really like the feeling of this product on the skin, its just the right level of thickness that it doesn’t take too long to sink in but feels really moisturising at the same time.

Finally, I curl up in bed with a hot water bottle if required and either read or watch youtube videos, and by this point, my eyes are pretty much closed already! And off to sleep I go!


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