New Work Wear

I’ve just changed teams at work and begun my new placement, one of the biggest advantages of a grad scheme is that you get the chance to reinvent yourself for every placement and try out a new style in terms of working style and clothing! So I took this opportunity to do some shopping! My aim was to buy some things that would smarten up my wardrobe. I want to experiment whether dressing smarter will lead to my colleagues taking me more seriously, sometimes I struggle being so young and a grad. I’ll let you know how I get on!

I first headed to Deichman to get some new shoes and I walked out with two pairs! The first pair are an updated version of my old black shoes to wear with just about everything, I love the shape of slipper shoes as I hate being able to see my toes in ballet shoes. They are really comfortable and are a black faux leather as they were only around £15! Link to shoes


The second pair of shoes are heels. I often don’t wear heels to work but I think it’s a very easy way to make any look smarter even if I’m wearing black jeans and given that these were also just £15 I just couldn’t resist! I’ve always wanted a pair of grey heels and I’ve finally found them, plus they aren’t too high so I can still balance on the crowded tube! Link to shoes.


I then headed to Primark and picked up this interesting jumper, it was £12 and is a light woollen material with a sheer back that I thought was a bit different. It also has a faux collar so it still looks smart. I plan to wear this with some black cropped trousers, adding a statement necklace would make this look more put together.

IMG_1099 IMG_1097

In Warehouse, I found these pair of blue trousers for a pricier £38. I’ve been trying to find some more trousers for ages that aren’t black and are a bit different but will also go with a lot of the workwear that I already own. They are a very light material and are fairly high waisted so love the way they fall especially when you have your hands in your pocketsI I think the belt detail makes them something justifiably different. I definitely think they look best with a plain top tucked into them unlike the pictures on Warehouse’s website – I don’t think they do the trousers any justice at all! Link to trousers. 


Finally, I headed into Accessorize because I had being eyeing some of their rings for a while now. And I got a bit carried away buying one set of 4 rings that are all fairly vintage-y looking, I absolutely love the simple bow that is midi ring if that’s what they’re called! I love simple jewellery so most of these pieces are actually quite bold for me! But the main reason I’m trying to wear more rings is to try make my hands look more feminine as I have such manly hands! All together, these five rings were around £17 so not too bad considering the price of other things in Accessorize. Link to rings Similar infinity ring here.


I’m all shopped out now until next months pay day! Enjoy your weekend.


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