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Things to Do – March


It’s been a bit quiet on here lately because I’ve been out of the country on holiday. (More about that next week.) Since I’ve come back from holiday, I’ve noticed a big difference in how sunny and brighter it is outside so this month I thought I would celebrate the start of Spring with some good things to get everyone outdoors in March.

Visit London’s parks: All I want to do at weekends in London is spend time in space that resembles a slightly higher percentage of green than grey. Since its getting warmer, its not a more enjoyable experience spending a decent amount of time outside. I’l be heading to the park for a picnic with University friends this weekend, I’m thinking either Victoria Park or Regents Park. For a list of the best parks, see here.

Head of the River Race: This is one of London’s longest running sport traditions happening on the 29th March. Every spring, 400 crews come to race along the River Thames. This is a great excuse to find a cosy pub along the river somewhere, drink in hand watching the boats go past. Something to do on a chilled Sunday. Apparently the best places to watch the race from are Chiswick Bridge where they start, cheer Barnes Bridge as they gather pace, or Hammersmith Bridge. Find out more here.

Columbia Road Flower Market: Not forgetting Mothers Day in March on the 15th. Flowers are always a good option, and getting your mum a present this year can be a day out in itself! Head down to Columbia Road Flower Market in Bethnal Green, its got some amazing flower stalls as well as some cute chic boutique shops that you could peruse for houses… perhaps to purchase a vase. Columbia Road Market is open from 8am – 3pm every Sunday. Find out more here.

Fire and Stone: I visited Fire and Stone in Covent Garden in the past week and it will definitely be somewhere that I shall be revisiting more than once again given the number of pizza’s I wanted to eat all at once last time. The menu is so good and so far from the obvious pizza toppings, it also has some great cocktails! Find out more here. 

Saatchi Gallery: I’ve been recommended to come to the Saatchi gallery near Sloane Square by some friends who came down to London for the day. It showcases pop art that has exploited identifiable imagery from mass media and everyday life to reflect on the nature of the world we live in. It’s my kinda art – I like my art to make a point.


Things to Do – January


It seems the new year came around so quickly that I completely forgot to scour the world wide web to find the best things to do in London in this sometimes dismal month! Appropriately, this month, I’ve tried to find the best things to do that can help us all keep up those cliche new years resolutions.

I want to eat healthier“: Whenever I focus on being healthy, I’ll go out to the supermarket and stuff my fridge shelves with a multi colour set of vegetables. However, when I go out for dinner and I try to go out for dinner A LOT (my excuse is that there are too many restaurants to get round in London) the whole healthy meals goes straight out the window. It’s just too difficult in restaurants. So that’s when I tried to find some healthy-ier restaurants in London. And I’ve found this, first of all it’s got natural in the title which sounds goo and the dishes look pretty too. Now I know natural doesn’t necessarily mean healthy but at least they sound healthy. That counts right?

I want to get fit“: One of the best pieces of advice I’ve been given and I could give to others with exercise is to battle it together! It makes it less of a bore and actually a fun activity! Then you can go celebrate together once you’ve achieved your goal! One of the other things that bugs me about exercise is the number of expensive exercise classes. Mainly due to the fact that it’s just another reason to put it off! I think it’s a well known thing but there are several free 5km park runs organised all over London. I believe the majority of them are on Saturdays at 9am which makes a perfect start to your weekend! Click here to find you’re nearest run! It’s also a great way to meet new people near where you live. Who knows… it may not just be something to do in January.

I want to save more money“: Out of all of my friends, I definitely feel the pinch in London all year around, not just after the big Christmas spending session. I’ve even missed the post Christmas sales this year. But in London, when you want to do stuff, it’s hard to do much without emptying your purse every 5 damn minutes. So I’ve had a look through the free events throughout the month of January and my top pick is this, it’s free entry to an evenings of Blue’s music at the Silver Bullet (near Finsbury Park underground station). People are welcome to come jam or alternatively to sit and soak up the music. I’ll most definitely be doing the latter.

I want to do Dry January“: Now I’m not the biggest drinker in the world so this applies less to me but several of my friends commit to not drinking any alcohol in January. With the option of pubbing it up one evening out the window, instead of going for a drink in the evening, why not go out for pudding instead? Secretly, its something that I’ve been doing for years. Pudding is so much better than main meals and sometimes better than a glass of wine in my opinion. Pudding not pubbing if you will? And I reckon this place is a winner being appropriately named, ‘The Pudding Bar’. I will definitely be checking this out this month. The only thing being, perhaps this isn’t the best idea if your other resolution is to eat healthier. Pickers can’t be choosers!

I want to learn something new“: Well then, its back to school and get studying those books. I joke, but visiting the British Library wouldn’t go a miss. It’s one of those places that you have to visit at least once while you live in London. So this gives you the perfect excuse, now go get lost in exhibits, books, and poetry readings.

Enjoy January

Things to do in London – December

DecemberEach month, I scour the web to find the best and most unique things to spend your free weekends doing in the big smoke! This month – its all about Christmas obvs.

1. Outdoor Ice Skating: This is something that I did a couple of years ago now. There’s just something about ice skating outdoors around fairy lights and christmas trees that just gets everyone festive even if they aren’t much of a Christmas person. Previously, I’ve ice skated next to the Tower of London, this year; I’m thinking the Natural History Museum. Somerset House seems to be the most popular and is pretty much booked up already so perhaps plan that one for next year! Book tickets here.

2. London Architecture Walks: Again, something that I’ve experienced before. A training architect guides you around all the Christmas lights through the streets of London starting in Trafalgar Square. It’s something a little bit different but is an amazing thing to learn about – you even feel like a little bit of an expert by the time you’re finished! I went on this tour at least 2 years ago and I still remember the facts today! Plus the tour guide was so lovely! Find out more here, tickets are £15pp and well worth it. It is something that does get booked up fairly quickly so be quick!

3. The Enchanted Woodland: If you can’t tell already, I really enjoy wandering and exploring places. Which is why, I was completely sucked in by the pretty lights of the Enchanted Woodland at Syon Park. All the gardens are lit up with lights and you could end up wandering around for hours exploring. I think it’s perfect for those wanting to get out of London for a little bit – but hurry because its only on until the 7th December! Find out more here, the nearest tube stop is Kew Gardens and it is £7 a ticket.

4. Craft Day making your own Christmas Crackers: I love a bit of craft now and again, I’ve even challenged myself to either make or personalise all my Christmas presents this year! So to get the ball rolling, I’m going to attend the ‘A Cracking Wallace Christmas! at Wallace Collection’ and even better – it’s completely free! You get to make your own Christmas crackers – this may be targeted at little kids but I am a child at heart! Find out more here.

5. Winter Wonderland at Hyde Park: How could I not mention this. My first Christmas in London,  I feel that I should go to the Winter Wonderland in Hyde Park. I’ve had a few friends go now and they all love it. But Victoria Park is also having its own ‘Winterville’ if you prefer the alternative. I comes complete with a Town Square, a Market Place, Downtown areas, a pop up pantomime, a mini nightlcub, live music, comedy, cabaret and a bunch of food stalls. Need I go on?